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Yes, it is like starting all over again!

Here we are with a new site! It was totally unexpected, but we are finally on our way. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and use it to your advantage. So, I will attempt to explain all the changes we have been experiencing for the last month and a half. We were using a different web design company that we have been extremely happy with, then we were informed by this company that they had been bought by another big company, all of a sudden (not really, but it seemed that way, haha) we found ourselves having to scramble and find another web designing and hosting company we liked. So here we are. It has definitely been a struggle for me, I am not tech savvy. Lets just say I was very comfortable where I was and am not a big fan of change (even though change can be very positive). It is okay now, as I am really seeing that the challenge is good for my mind. I am learning a lot here on my new site. It has more features to use, as I work to re-establish my site I am liking what this program gives me in editing. I really like the format better than my old site and the help I have been getting from this company's customer service is phenomenal! For me, the help I receive is so important. So far they get a five star from me! I will be trying to work overtime to get my blog filled again, I look back and am sad that I did not save all my blog posts from the other site. But I will move forward and know that it will be better! I am thankful that I can do something I so love to do and bring joy to others, what a blessed gift! To all of you, thank you! I could not do it without you!

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