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Out With The Old, In With The New! 2024 Is Almost Here!

Here we are at the end of another year. Seems like 2023 zoomed past at break-neck speed, anyone else feel that way? Anyways, this post will be the last for 2023, it will be more of an announcement than anything. We have cleared our inventory and will be using the rest of this year to reorganize and document everything for our small little business. We will reopen the website for purchasing on January 6th 2024. We will start our new year with a new blend, it will be announced the first week of January.

We hope your Christmas is definitely Merry, may it be filled with first and foremost all your family you hold near and dear, then those special friends that love and stick by you no matter what! My dear friend Lori is this very special person, you know Lori I love and appreciate you soooo much :)

So, many, many blessings to all of you for this New Year 2024!!!!!!

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