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We Are Doing A Giveaway!!!!!

Updated: May 1

So this year seems to be flying by already, I can hardly keep up with my days. I have so many things I want to accomplish that it has been a little bit overwhelming. Anyone else feel this way? Anyways, we are almost half-way through April! And this is the time most people are putting their time into organization, cleaning, yard work and the dreaded tax deadline. Ugh! We are going to use this blog to give you some time and money saving tips along with a super nice giveaway!

So first we are going to share a money saving laundry detergent recipe that I found on one of my social media sites. It is simple and you can customize your scent. I use mine for towels, bedding and white loads. All other loads I use my natural liquid laundry detergent basically because our well water is so hard. The recipe is as follows: 1.5 cups of baking soda, 1.5 cups of washing soda, 1/4 cup salt (I use table salt, but any salt will do), 1/2 cup Epsom salt, 1/2 cup citric acid and 40 drops of essential oil of choice (this is optional). Mix this in a glass container, mine is pictured along with this blog. Use a 1/4 cup per load. Our next recipe is so simple! This is for a toilet bowl cleaner. Just two ingredients, that's all! Mix half baking soda and half citric acid in a glass quart jar, shake to mix well and it is ready to use! Pour your mix from the jar around the water line ring, let it fizz. Cover your toilet and let sit for an hour. Come back, scrub your toilet bowl with a toilet brush, let sit another 30 minutes and flush. I do this once a week, but if you have a busy house you may do it more often. I hope these help you all as much as they help me!

So now we are going to introduce our giveaway! This box will contain four bars of our fabulous soap, a jar of body lotion, some Foaming Bath Salts, a Soap Saver and a super terrific tote made by a super special local artisan! How cool will that be. It is valued at $80.00! You can keep it for yourself or this would make a very special Mother's Day Gift. Shipping is included and only available within the United States of America, no international addresses allowed.

So to enter this giveaway you must 1. like this blog post 2. go to the contact form on this website and fill it out with a one word comment of your favorite floral scent (i.e. rose, lavender, honeysuckle, ect.......) That's it! We must have your name and email to contact you by to get your shipping address or the address of the person you would like it sent to. The deadline for this contest is 5:5 that is May 5th 2024 at midnight! I am already excited for the winner!!!

Now I also added to the picture below of our newest version of Milk+Silk+Vanilla. This will be called our Summer Blend. We are using coconut milk as our milk in this blend and the fragrance is a tropical mixture of Plumeria, Monoi, papaya, mango, coconut and vanilla. Oooh la la, take a vacation! The lather is super creamy with large bubbles, and this bar loves your skin! One of these will be in that giveaway! Love to All!

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