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We have finally added our new dish soap bar. We have been testing this bar since September of 2022. The highlight of this bar is the citric acid and borax, both known for their excellent cleaning properties. Also in this bar are the citrus essential oils of Valencia orange, orange and lime with the fixative essential oil of litsea cubeba, which also has a lemony scent. It not only is for cleaning dishes but can be used for countertops, stovetops and for addressing stains on clothing. *If you have hard water you may need extra rinsing for water spots.

Citrus Dish Soap Bar

SKU: DBS0029
  • Coconut oil, palm oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, citric acid, borax, essential oil blend of Valencia orange, orange, lime and litsea cubeba. Bar size approximately 9.5 oz.

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