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We Have Another New Bar!

Meet our new bar! The Milk+Silk+Vanilla. You can probably figure out that this new bar is scented with vanilla and also is a goat's milk bar. We have had so many requests for a vanilla only bar that we had to finally create one. As you noticed it has silk in the name as well. So, yes the ingredients in this bar also contains silk protein. The bar has this deep brown color that is created by the milk, silk and the cocoa butter that is in the oil base. Usually I go out of my way when pouring a batch of soap to keep it from getting a deep, dark color. But with this bar I decided to let it do it's thing. You see in soap making our batches sometimes go through a process that is called "gelling". This process happens as the soap heats up, its what we like to do in soap making to make the colors pop, or make them bright. Well, with milk soap (goat's milk, cows milk or coconut milk) if the batch goes through the gelling stage it turns brown. Other ingredients can help this happen as well. So for bars like the Just Lavender (which is a goat's milk bar) I freeze it for a period of time so the color stays light. I am very happy with the way this bar turned out. It has a warm vanilla scent very similar to that very popular brand that calls theirs warm vanilla sugar. It reminds me of my days growing up in San Diego hanging at the beach in summer with the sweet scented tanning oil we used. This bar has a creamy, rich and silky lather. Perfect for the coming long, hot summer days. We topped this bar with a beautiful gold mica to give it a special look. They are ready and now available for purchase!

Also, we have new stock of the Fresh & Clean, Just Lavender, Smokin Good Soap and the Violet+Jasmine+Ylang-Ylang. And we did some changes to our Violet+Jasmine+Ylang-Ylang. It now has jasmine wax and avocado oil in the mix. We also removed the titanium dioxide which made it white. This is another perfect summer bar, what better way to pamper your skin than with jasmine. Just lovely!

Well Mother's Day is coming up and we would like to wish all those wonderful hard-working mothers out there a happy and relaxing day! You deserve it!

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