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Valentine's Day is fast approaching!


So, we are into our New Year and moving along through our January fast, as usual. February is nipping at our heals and we all know what that means! The loveliest day will be here before we know it. February 14th has always meant to me that we celebrate the ones we love the most, whether it be a husband, mother, father, children, grand-children or grand-parents, it is the perfect way to say "I love you" to those you love. What a fabulous opportunity to give the gift of clean, a bar of our beautiful soap!

Pictured above is some of our customer's most favorite bars.

Starting this line-up are two beautiful goat's milk bars, Goat's Milk & Oatmeal and Lemon Lift. Both of these Goat's Milk bars are essential oil only bars and have natural elements for coloring. They are a gentle cleansing bar perfect for your face, but they are also a great bath or shower bar. Another great attribute is the high percentage of extra virgin olive oil in the oil base. This bar is perfect for all, from the very young to the young at heart!

The next three bars are some of the floral blends we create. The third bar pictured is the Honeysuckle & Calendula. This bar has a sweet honeysuckle fragrance oil that is paired with another sweet floral, the Ylang-Ylang flower. We add a touch of Ylang-Ylang essential oil to up the sweet scented floral fragrance. On top of this we infuse the oil base with Calendula petals and add Shea butter to the mix for one special bar! These bars go fast and supply is limited right now, you might want to order yours soon!

Our fourth bar shown is our popular Japanese Cherry Blossom. As the name implies it is a scent meant to mimic the scent of the ever famous Japanese Cherry tree. This tree is not a fruit bearing tree (or at least fruit that is edible), it is just a flower bearing tree. The soft, fruity fragrance is very well loved. We color our bar with a soft blue for the sky above, the rose pink for the beautiful blossoms and a brown for the branches that hold those blossoms. This makes for a wonderful gift for that very special person in your life!

Last but not at all least, is the Rose+Lavender+Geranium. We have not had this bar in stock for about two years, so I have decided to do a special batch. This will be a special limited edition bar and we won't have another batch until 2024. Both rose and lavender are iconic floral scents, but when added together they are simply amazing! We have also added the essential oil of Egyptian geranium, oh what a wonderful oil. This type of geranium is wonderful for dry skin. This also is an essential oil only bar. The picture shown is from our earlier bar, our new bar is curing and a new photo will be available soon.

All of these bars will be available February 4th 2023 for purchase with the exception of the Honeysuckle & Calendula which is available now in limited supply.

May your 2023 be filled with many blessings!!!!!

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