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Small Business Saturday Sale Coming Up!

We are going to have a Small Business Saturday sale everyone will love! For 24 hours all of our soap bars are going to be $5.00 each! Friday November 24th starting at Midnight until Saturday November 25th at Midnight all bars will be $5.00. It will be for in stock only, while supplies last. There will be no limit on how many may be purchased at this incredible price and no coupon necessary! Lets just call it our Desert Blossom Soap 2023 Stimulus Sale. Our bars haven't been this low since 2018! So mark your calendar.

We will have new batches of the Honeysuckle & Calendula and the Japanese Cherry Blossom along with all the in stock favorites. Also, we will have our newest bar Pure Peppermint! We usually have a Peppermint & Vanilla bar every year at this time, but this year we are opting with a single scent peppermint soap. It is far from ordinary though, we added Willamette Valley peppermint essential oil to our skin loving shea butter base that we formulate ourselves. To make this bar extraordinary we swirled Pascalite clay and zinc oxide through it and a sprinkling of sparkly mica on top! I can't wait until I do the photos of this bar and post them!

We also have for the holidays available the Orange & Clove, Three Kings and Cinnamon Spice & Fir Needle. And of course our regular favorites are always great to give like the Fresh & Clean, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Lavender & Lemongrass, Just Lavender, Mango Bliss and the Arizona Blend. Don't forget about the florals, we have a few left of the Violet+Jasmine+Ylang-Ylang, Rose+Geranium+Lavender and the new batches of the Honeysuckle & Calendula and the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

We hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter from all who are close to your heart! Be happy and healthy this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, Bless you all!

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