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Rose+Geranium+Lavender, Our Next Blend In The Spotlight

Our next blend in the spotlight and on sale for a week is our popular and beautiful Rose+Geranium+Lavender. This goat's milk bar is the perfect facial bar because of the gentleness of the oil blend and the inclusion of the essential oils of rose geranium and Bulgarian lavender. All of our goat's milk bars are approximately 70% olive oil blended with coconut & castor oils and shea butter. Rose Geranium essential oil is a wonderful oil for any type of skin and Bulgarian lavender essential oil is the best! It is soft yet uplifting and not too astringent. It is by far my most favorite type of lavender. This bar will be on sale until July 6th 2024 at midnight. We hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July and make it a safe one!

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