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Our Newest Creation! Pure Peppermint!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Christmas is right around the corner and Thanksgiving will be here next week! Oh my how it always happens so fast! We hardly have time to prepare. So some of you are the ultimate at having it all together this time of the year, me not so much. I guess it has to do with my very laid-back personality. My motto, don't worry, just be happy. But I do like to have a joyous Christmas! I love everything Christmas, the tree, the decorations, the music, the family get-togethers, wrapping gifts, baking, and so on and so on! The season itself is just beautiful. That alone is why I create fall and winter blends, it just adds to the season of giving!

So with that in mind this blog is dedicated to our newest blend ( or in this case, our single scented bar). We are calling this one Pure Peppermint. It is a single scented bar that is part of this season's offering. This bar is pictured above with our other three fall and winter blends ( we did have a Milk+Silk+Vanilla, but it has sold out already). The other bars pictured are the Orange & Clove, Three Kings and the Cinnamon Spice & Fir Needle. We also sold out of the fall bar Smokin Good Soap. These bars will be restocked, but not in time for Christmas.

This new bar, Pure Peppermint is scented with Willamette Valley peppermint essential oil that is grown in Oregon. Willamette Valley sits within the mountian ranges of the Cascade, the Oregon Coast and the Calapooya Mountians near Albany Oregon. The beautiful Willamette river runs through it. The scent is crisp and a little sweet, but not overwhelming. We added this oil to our own shea butter base and swirled Pascalite clay and zinc oxide through out it. It has a creamy, bubbly lather that is less drying to the skin. We topped it off with a frosty dusting of mica, so festive!

We are having a Small Business Saturday sale on November 25th and these bars will be available along with the other fall and winter blends. Also, pictured below with the newest bars of the Three Kings and the Pure Peppermint are our new bars of Japanese Cherry Blossom and the Honeysuckle & Calendula. These will be added prior to the sale and can be purchased at the sale price.

We will end this blog by wishing each and every one of you the most wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas! Much love to ALL!

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