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Our New Hawaiian Red Salt+Oakmoss+Vetiver

We have a new scented salt bar the Hawaiian Red Salt+Oakmoss+Vetiver! I just love the way salt bars soften the skin, and this one has the added benefit of the Pascalite clay and activated charcoal along with it. The scent is deep and woodsy which will be going more towards masculine, although I really enjoy it. So I definitely think it would be liked by all. Hawaiian Red salt is a sea salt that the native Hawaiian's add a distinctive red clay to. It is generally used in ceremonial events and food. It added a nice color to the bar and also helped to make it hard and long lasting. This bar is now listed on the website for sale and will be a special edition bar.

Also, we have added stock to the Mango Bliss and Lavender & Lemongrass. They are available for purchase. We made changes to the Mango Bliss scent, we added the essential oil of Monoi (the Tahitian Gardenia) flower. That gave the fruity scent a light floral boost. Normally I add Ylang-Ylang essential oil, but I really like the less powerful Monoi scent. This bar is pictured below with the other bars that are available or will be available soon.

Our two other bars that will be added to stock on October 10th 2023 are the popular Eucalyptus & Spearmint and our Rose+Geranium+Lavender. In our previous post about the bees you will see them enjoying the Eucalyptus & Spearmint goat's milk bar. This was so exciting! The bee was all over this bar, this just told me that the scent was right on! The other bar available soon is the Rose+Geranium+Lavender. These three scents when added together are so nice! On their own they are not my favorite, but blended together, oh my just beautiful! We changed the coloring in this bar for a softer look, rose mica and white kaolin clay. And of course the base oil blend couldn't be any more perfect, coconut, olive, palm, avocado, shea butter and castor oil. So gentle!

We hope your October is awesome! Here's to pumpkin spice and everything fall!

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