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Our Bars Are Bee Approved!

I have always wanted to capture photos of bees on my bars while taking pictures of new batches. This is the first time the bees actually stayed long enough for me (not the best photographer, and I don't seem to be quick enough to get photos of bees and butterflies) so I was so excited to get these! Of all the bars it loved the Eucalyptus & Spearmint! With all do respect though, this is a fantastic smelling bar, so I am not surprised at the bee focusing on it. We have a lot of bees here in our little farming community and I see them especially when alfalfa is planted next door. The alfalfa has beautiful little purple flowers that give off a gentle sweet scent. The bees also love our native mesquite trees and the chaparral bush that is so prevalent here in the southern Arizona desert.

In our next blog a new bar and updated information on new batches of some favorites! Bee Happy!

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