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New product coming soon! *UPDATE*

Updated: May 9, 2023

*We have now added this bar for purchase on our website! We would like to thank all of you that participated in our testing of this bar. This bar is a big 9.5 to 11 oz bar (as a bar dries and cures it shrinks so every bar comes out a different size) We recommend that you use it with a soap dish that drains to keep it dry.*So in the past we have offered different types of soap that are specific for uses other than your skin. Our first one was our dog shampoo bar, which was also a product for human use by the way. I do still make this bar and will have it available come summer. It was a bar that doubled as a horse shampoo bar as well because I have had horses for 40+ years and constantly struggle with flies, ugh!!! Next, we had a request for a human shampoo bar. We made one, but it has to be understood that a shampoo bar needs soft water! Our hair is not the same as our skin, so it needs a totally different product. It requires ingredients that act as a surfactant or detergent so that residue is removed. So, it was hard for me to formulate a product with these chemicals in them,as the whole reason I started making soap was to distant it from these harmful ingredients. I only did one batch and put it on the back burner for the future. I was also tinkering with the idea of a shave bar, this also requires different ingredients for removal of residue. Most of your handcrafted soap makers use two kinds of lye, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide is the lye to use when making liquid soap. Something I have never delved into. The reason for this is I am big on not using plastic packaging. So wasteful! So, now we have arrived at the introduction of my newest bar! The dish soap bar! Like I have said I am so frustrated with all the plastic bottles! I always try to package my products in things like cardboard, tins and glass jars. The tins and glass jars are so re-usable! They clean up perfect for re-use for storing herbs, making a homemade candle or putting little extras in. My little boxes that I use for my soap bars are totally biodegradable, as well as the labels and Washi tape I use to seal them. So the idea of a soap bar at the kitchen sink was the ultimate project for me to work and formulate. I made a batch in September and have been using it myself and also gave my daughter-in-law a bar to try. It works good for me but we have extremely hard well water. So it does take a little more rinsing than when I use liquid dish soap. The amazing thing that I noticed about this bar was that it took off grease from dishes better than anything I have ever used! Hmmmmm! The ingredients that I added to the formula that I think make this happen are the citric acid, borax and the citric essential oils added, which are orange, lime and litsea cubeba. It also makes a wonderful surface cleaner, like counter tops and appliances.

Before I put this product on my website for sale I want to ask some of you if you would test this bar and return a review for me. You will receive one bar and a soap saver. You will have to supply your own scrubby or wash cloth to use with this bar. If you are interested please use the contact form on this site under the "ABOUT" page and I will get your information and send it out free of charge. There will only be 8 bars available. First come, first served!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend :)

*One bar per household while supplies last. Product will only be shipped within the continental United States of America, Inc.

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