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I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for the fall and winter season! In Arizona here I think we are finally done with those triple digits, oh yes! I usually don't mind but when paired with little to no rain, this past few months was a little tough. So I took things a little slow until it cooled off a bit and boy did it pay off. I am really happy with the way these bars turned out. Again we have made changes to each one of these bars, two of them have upgraded oil blends and one just has a mica change.

Pictured are the Orange & Clove (top left, bottom right), Cinnamon Spice & Fir Needle (top middle) and Three Kings (top right). Also pictured is the Arizona Blend (bottom left) and a new listing, an Artisan Ceramic Soap Dish in bronze (bottom middle). The Orange & Clove and Cinnamon Spice & Fir Needle both had oil base changes this season. The Orange & Clove has the addition of sunflower oil and mango butter, while the Cinnamon Spice & Fir Needle has avocado oil and Shea butter added to it's base. This will make both of these bars less drying to your skin. It also made these bars a little more spectacular, the swirls and colors seem to be more intense. I will only be making one batch of each of the fall and winter blends this year, so when they are out of stock, that will be it.

The very popular Three Kings does have a change, but it is ever so slight. All that is different on this bar is that we removed the purple mica swirl and instead just did a gold mica swirl. Same oil base and essential oil scent, frankincense, myrrh and Ceylon cinnamon! I love making this bar, it is always consistent and the scent is divine! This bar also contains the skin loving oils of cocoa butter and jojoba oil, just the best!

I also added a new soap dish to the website, the Artisan Ceramic Soap Dish in bronze. I have had it for a while but did not take a photo, I finally got one so it is now up for purchase.

And lastly, I am always looking for different soap dishes that fit our bars, they are approximately 2 3/4 inches square. So, I have had this dish that was given to me by my lovely sister, but never used it for anything. Alas! Perfect fit for a bar of my soap! And the added benefit is that it matches my rodeo themed bathroom. How perfect is that? I would love to see how all of you display your bars! If you have used something not necessarily for soap but use it for your bars please post it!

More bars are curing, so there will be more blog posts! Stay tuned!

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