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Better Late Than Never! Our Next Bar In The Spotlight!

We are a day late on our next bar in our spotlight, we have had such a trying week. But, alas here we are! This bar is our newest blend that we have added to our line, this is our Tallow+Clay+Charcoal. This bar is a tallow bar that is unscented. Also, this bar is certified organic except for the tallow which is certified grass fed, the cows from which the tallow comes from are solely pastured on pristine grassy hills in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to these wonderful skin loving oils we added Pascalite clay and coconut activated charcoal for a superior clean. Being unscented this is a bar all can use. No essential oils or fragrance. Just a super natural clean! This bar will be on sale for just $6.00 each until July 13th 2024 at midnight. Everyone enjoy your week!

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